What is Youth at the Top?

Youth at the Top is a project which mobilize groups of young people at a common annual date, in an active, civic process, with a symbolic and imaginative approach.

Youth at the Top is  foremost an international project: a collective action organized simultaneously in the Alpine countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland), which aims to create links between the different countries and symbolically go beyond administrative and language barriers by considering the Alps as a sole region.

For the 4th Edition of Youth at the Top, the 12th and the 13th of July 2018, groups of young people will meet in several protected Areas and natural sites throughout the Alps and Carpathians in order to share a physical, human, cultural and artistic collective experience in the mountains.

For more information, please download the project sheet available in English, German, French and Italian



Why Youth at the Top?


All over the Alps, people are disturbed by the lack of young people in the mountains, notably in summer. Are the mountains boring?
People are beginning to realize that our children and our young people are short of nature. Has contact with nature become a waste of time? Omnipresent screens, hectic lifestyles, no more room to simply go out and discover the nature.

From France to Slovenia, the Alpine protected areas are very keen to recreate or strengthen the link between mountain nature and young people from here and elsewhere. Because living in the Alps does not necessarily mean knowing the region and travelling all over it. Because mountaineering means education. Because the young people of our areas are also our discussion partners and tomorrow’s players, and also because it is quite simply vital for every human being to have regular contact with nature.

So, along with many other activities and projects, we have together imagined an original way to take young people of the Alps to experience the mountains, spend a night up there, and rediscover the power of being a group and the values of citizenship and solidarity. A collective operation rich in symbolism: Youth at the Top!



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