Together to the Top!

July 8th, 2021

Throughout several Alpine and Carpathian protected areas and natural sites, young people will go out and explore nature, sharing a physical, human, cultural and artistic experience in the mountains. The common theme for the 7th edition will be 'Local Food'.

This is a collective project originating from the “Mountain Environment Education in the Alpine Protected Areas” working group.

“Youth at the Top” is a contribution to the Alpine Convention 

Youth at the Top

What is "Youth at the Top"?

Youth at the Top is a project which mobilizes groups of young people at a common annual date, in an active, civic process, with a symbolic and imaginative approach.

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Youth at the Top

2021 edition

For the 7th edition of Youth at the Top, 36 events took place in 9 different countries across the Alps and the Carpathians.

The events

Are you ready to join us at the top?

  • Panel Style
    Climb, up the slope, to the summit.
    Log off…
    Just go out!
  • Panel Style
    Have you ever been in a refuge? Slept in a tipi or a tent?
    Spend a night
    up there!
  • Panel Style
    Take part in a collective artistic work around “light & night”.
    Let’s be creative!
  • Panel Style
    Rediscover the power of being a group.
    Meet great people…
  • Panel Style
    Meet the values of effort, solidarity, citizenship…
    …and meet yourself!
  • Panel Style
    Walk, and maybe reach the summit? A new perspective on the world!
    Worth the effort
  • Panel Style
    Share great moments with old and new friends. An unforgettable experience!
    Timeless moments
  • Panel Style
    Experience magical moments in mountain: Sunset, night, sunrise…
    The Alps by night…
  • Panel Style
    Discover your region, your protected area, from a new point of view
    Discover your Alps
  • Panel Style
    it is simply vital for every human being to have regular contact with nature…
    Reload yourself




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