Project Values

  • Across borders

    An international event concerning the Alps as a whole

  • Symbol

    Youth at the Top” mobilises groups of young people for mountains around one sole date. For one summer night it lights up the fires of the highest and simplest solidarity throughout the Alps

  • Celebration

    Offering a festive occasion based on the happiness of being in the mountains, the pleasure of roaming about there and at the same time being useful to them and showing respect for them

  • Together

    Preparing an outing in the mountains together, linked to a summit, a pass, a mountain meadow, an historic site, a shelter, a refuge, a pastoral hut, a bivouac…

  • Mountain

    Rediscovering a bond with mountains through feelings, observation, play, encounter, imagination, dreams, self-expression

  • Experience

    Going off in search of adventure, taking time to live and discover the mountains, relishing the little paths and the wide-open landscapes, the sky and the stars...

  • Sharing

    Living as a group in the mountains and making new friends

  • Citizenship

    Taking part in a solidarity action with mountain professionals : shepherds, refuge keepers, mountain leaders, players in nature and heritage …

  • Inter-cultural

    Sharing thoughts with other mountain generations and other young people from the Alps

  • Self-expression

    Creating small works of art and other forms of self-expression by photo documentaries or videos and pooling them. Using the image as the universal language of the Alps.

  • Night

    For a real personal night experience in the mountains and creating beautiful personal memories..

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