European Wilderness Society

Local and international youngsters are invited to join an overnight hike organised by the European Wilderness Society, to experience the Alpine nature of the Radstädter Tauern, observe characteristic flora and fauna and get a better understanding in the processes that take place in mountainous ecosystems due to climate change. Before the event, organisers will conduct interviews with locals about how the region was affected by the climate crisis, what impacts on nature did they come across and how local inhabitants perceive the urgency to act for our climate. Accompanied by a photographer and an outdoor expert, the hikers will explore some peaks of the Radstädter Tauern and they will document their trip in photos and short videos. The trip will be promoted online prior to the event. Participants will be introduced to the Respect Nature principles, developed by the European Wilderness Society and learn practical tips on how to prepare for a multi-day hike as well as how to behave respectfully in nature while maximising the outdoor experience. The participants will do a two-day hike and stay overnight in a hut. On the way up to the peaks, they will be part of a five-senses workshop, where throughout five stops, they will experience nature with all of their senses. On the top of the climbed peak(s), they will put their experience into written words and write a haiku/poem about what they discovered. These poems will be shared with each other with the aim to strengthen connectedness to nature and each other, to inspire each other and encourage each other to speak up and act to protect the natural ecosystems. The activity will be captured on photographs and video.

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