Naturpark Karwendel

Planned is a diversified tour on the Nordkette which is part of Austria‘s largest nature park, the Karwendel nature park. The tour is guided by a nature park ranger and he will explain the specific flora and fauna during several stops. Plants and animals need to adapt to the extreme living conditions on a high-altitude mountain range. Stunning views and a breathtaking landscape is waiting for the kids.We take a ride up with the cable car to the Seegrube, where we have stunning views down on the city of Innsbruck as well as on surrounding glaciers. We learn some interersting aspects about geology and the formation of the Alps. Then we take the cable car to reach the Hafelekar mountain station. From here an impressive view into the „wild“ Karwendel area opens up. An easy path guides us to the peak – the Hafelekarspitze. The Ranger is carrying a spotting scope for special sighting and – maybe we’ll spot chamois or the golden eagle. On our hike along the breathtaking Goetheweg the perspective changes several times – once viewing the urban minted Inn valley in the south, another time the original natural landscape of the Karwendel in the North. Numerous animals like ibex, chamois and snow grouse live here and can be spotted being lucky. We rest at the lovely situated Pfeishütte before we head back on the same route to the Hafelekar. During our trip we plan stops for activities like discussion rounds, games, landart, ...

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