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Monday, 11 July 2016 18:02

Urgent - Youth at the Top event and weather forecasts

Dear Youth at the Top partners,

In 2015, the weather offered to the first edition of Youth at the Top, a brilliant sunshine on the whole Alpine region.

In 2016, it’s a little bit complicated in some areas, particularly because of the forecast of storms.  Some of you are therefore wondering to maintain or not the event tomorrow.

If the Alpine and Carpathian people are not afraid of a rainy weather ;-) but it’s all about making sure that the young participants are safe and that the enjoyment of this collective project remains.

We therefore invite each organiser to decide to maintain, adapt or cancel the YAT trip/event according to the local weather forecasts.

If the weather conditions do not allow the trip, we invite you to postpone it in few days, during the month of July.

The month of august will be dedicated to the final production.

The funding remains available if the event still is « a Youth at the Top event » in its headlines and its functioning (including pictures/videos)

If you are concerned by this message, please let us know your decision.

Wishing you a good project event!

Your YAT-team