[Romania] Rodna Mountains National Park

We want to organize a field study trip for 2 days in alpine area of Rodna Mountains National Park with 4 rangers and 15 youngsters. The accommodation will be organised at a sheepfold up in the mountains. The program will include a variety of activities such as: monitoring of pray birds, monitoring of small mammals with live-traps, monitoring of moths with lighting traps with UV lights, inventorying of grasshoppers with entomological nets, inventorying of bats with nets and bat detectors, preparing traditional food as sheep cheese, shepherd polenta, inventorying of tinctorial plants, inventorying of medicinal plants used by local people, identifying sky constellations during the night.

Partners: ECO RODNA Association, Association of local sheep breeders, Borsa City Hall, ECO club, Association of Traditional Dancing from Sangeorz-Bai town

Additional Info

  • Destination: Putredu Peak (over 2.000 m high), alpine area, glacial circuses
  • Departure: July 8th
  • Return: July 9th
  • Organizer: Administratia Parcului National Muntii Roidnei
  • Contact person: Claudiu Iusan