Parco Naturale delle Prealpi Giulie

The event will be open to youngsters between 18 and 25 years old. It will be organized by the Youth Advisory Board of the Park, which will also care about promotion and spreading of results. The event will be held in Resia Valley and it will last about 24 hours. The afternoon of the 7th July will be dedicated to a workshop in an alpine dairy inside the area of the park, Malga Coot. Here the participants will have the opportunity to attend the production process of the cheese and other dairy products. Later in the afternoon participants will hike to Casera Canin, leaded by a park nature guide. Here they will have a common dinner with local product and traditional food. Then the night will be spent in the hut. The next morning (8th July) the group will hike to the top of mount Guarda with a park nature guide and a local expert about wild edible plants, important part of the alpine food tradition. The closure is planned around mid-day. If the COVID-19 situation wont allow the group to sleep in the mountain hut, all the activities will be brought out along one single day (8th July) with the following programme: hike to the top of mount Guarda in the morning, lunch with traditional food in Malga Coot and dairy production in the afternoon.


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