Parco dell'Adamello

Parco dell'Adamello will organize a two-days event without providing overnight accommodation, due to Covid-19 health-restrictions:

- on the first day, July 8th, in the upper Camonica Valley there will be a meeting with a cheesemaker and a visit to a hut to learn about the products of milk processing in the mountain, with laboratory activities. Then, the walk will continue with packed-lunch to be brought by each participant. In the afternoon it's organized a meeting with a beekeeper to learn about the complex world of bees and their products. At the end, there will be an alpine snack with typical products purchased from the visited  farmers with bread, cheese, butter and rhododendron honey or alpine flora.

- on the second day, July 9th, there will be a visit starting from the village of Capo di Ponte: the boys will follow the path that, through ancient chestnut groves, climbs towards Paspardo, focusing attention on the use of the mountain territory and on the man / environment relationship, as well as on the characteristics of the chestnut and its precious fruits . A visit to the chestnut consortium of Vallecamonica is then planned. Here it will be possible to observe the tools used in the processing of chestnuts and learn about the products derived from them. Going up for about a kilometer, we will reach the Wildlife Center of the Adamello Park. Local food activities will be carried out here.

Additional Info

  • Destination: Upper and middle Camonica Valley (Ponte di Legno and Paspardo)
  • Departure: 8 luglio + 9 luglio
  • Organizer: Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica-Parco dell'Adamello
  • Contact person: Anna Bonettini