Calimani National Park

Parcul National Calimani © Liviu HUTANU Parcul National Calimani © Liviu HUTANU

This activity will be a combination of hiking, learning about nature and artistic experiences. The participants will begin the jouney from Saru Dornei, the most important access point to the Calimani National Park, at the Retitis Peak Hut, at 2021 m altitude, near Retitis Meteorological Station, where meals and accommodation will be organized. The start of the hike will be in the former sulphur exploitation from Calimani where the group will see and learn information about the volcanic activities (Calimani Massif is volcanic mountain) and see a real scale section in a volcanic mountain (Negoiu Romanesc Peak). Next, the young participants will follow the Calimani Quarry Thematic Trail and after that will take de trail to Retitis Peak. On the way they will receive from rangers information and learn about the flora and fauna of the Calimani National Park. Once they arrive, the group will accommodate and eat lunch and after that they will participate to a presentation of the instruments and weather phenomena at the Retitis meteorological station made by the meteorologists. They will have all kind of different activities like photo session, short videos and interviews and environmental games. After dinner the young group will make a trip on Retitis ridge at twilight to observe all the volcanic caldera, peaks, landscapes and the beauty of the Calimani National Park, the returning will be at night time. After that, near the hut they will gaze at the stars and listen stories and legends about Calimani Mountains told by the Calimani National Park rangers and hut staff. 

The next day, after breakfast, the group will make a trip to Iezer Lake to see and find out more information about landscapes, flora, fauna of Calimani National Park specific to wetlands. Next, at the Iezer Lake camping area they will have lunch (picnic). After, another trail will be chosen for our way back to Saru Dornei. 

During the event the group will participate to different artistic activities like photo session, short videos and interviews and environmental games. Employees of the Calimani National Park will provide information on the habitats and species that relate to those habitats, geology of the area and will tell the legends linked by the Calimani mountains. The result of this activity will be a mountain /nature experience and awareness of the value of natural and historical elements.

Dodatne informacije

  • Destinacija: Calimani National Park
  • Odhod: Saru Dornei, 11th July, 11:00 am
  • Nazaj: Saru Dornei, 12th July, 16:00 pm
  • Organizator: National Forest Administration-Romsilva
  • Soorganizator: Calimani National Park
  • Kontaktna oseba: Cristinel Ortoanu
  • Telefon: 0040732808470