Sreda, 31 Marec 2021 13:01

LOCAL FOOD - Suggestions of activities

"LOCAL FOOD"... The mere mention of Youth at the Top’s 2021 common theme certainly has something to make your mouth water. In the Alps, gastronomy is for many people synonymous with pleasure and conviviality. Yet, far beyond taste only, food has recently been at the heart of many societal issues. Whether we talk about «junk food,» «animal welfare» or «organic farming», the question is the same: what diet can we adopt without doing any harm?

This document offers some potential avenues and activities to address the theme «Local Food» in many aspects. If taste is not forgotten, a cultural, social and even historical vision of food is also possible. Of course, issues related to ecology and biodiversity - so paramount in our mountains - are also at the heart of the topic! Enough to offer the young people of this 7th edition activities as fun as informative!

Download the document: Local Food - Suggestions of activities

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