This page lists the local events scheduled across Europe for the 2023 edition.
As the registration process is on going, more events will soon be listed!

Registration: If you want to organize a local event in the framework of "Youth at the Top", you need to register.
Please register online before April 30th.


Italy (3)

Programma di massima: Lunedì 10 luglio: - ritrovo a Borgo San Dalmazzo e trasferimento in autobus fino al Colle della…

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Mit dem Shuttlebus fahren wir gemeinsam ins Pfossental, einem Seitental des Schnalstals. Am Parkplatz Vorderkaser (1701 m) starten wir unsere…

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  • Destination Stettiner Hütte - Pfelders / Hinterpasseier
  • Départ Samstag, 13. Juli 2023
  • Retour Sonntag, 14. Juli 2023
  • Organisateurs Naturpark Texelgruppe / Parco naturale Gruppo di Tessa (Amt für Natur, Südtirol - Ufficio Natura, Alto Adige)
  • Contact Annamaria Gapp
We will organize an hike and some different outdoor activities, with an overnight stay in a hut of the mountains…

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  • Destination Three options: Val Alba Natural Reserve/Prealpi Giulie Nature Park/MAB UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Julian Alps
  • Départ 13 luglio
  • Retour 14 luglio
  • Organisateurs Parco Naturale delle Prealpi Giulie
  • Contact Cristina Comuzzo