This page lists the local events scheduled across Europe for the 2023 edition.
As the registration process is on going, more events will soon be listed!

Registration: If you want to organize a local event in the framework of "Youth at the Top", you need to register.
Please register online before April 30th.


Parco Naturale delle Prealpi Giulie 1

To involve young people on this day and to share with them the topic of the YAT 2023, we plan some activities related to woods and forests, together with our Guides: the kids will learn to recognize trees, to look for and recognize the tracks and other signs of the presence of animals that live in the woods and together they will prepare a herbarium . There will be time to play and even share lunch together in a beautiful mountain setting

Destination: Two options: Val Alba Natural Reserve or Prealpi Giulie Nature Park Youth target group?  : 11 - 17 years old



Additional Info

  • Destination: Three options: Val Alba Natural Reserve/Prealpi Giulie Nature Park/MAB UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Julian Alps
  • Departure: 13 luglio
  • Return: 14 luglio
  • Organizer: Parco Naturale delle Prealpi Giulie
  • Contact person: Cristina Comuzzo